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Nat's work reflects her passionate interest in the natural world.  


She likes to depict creatures with a bit of ‘attitude’ and aims to create bold, lively images: “I see my work as a celebration of my love for wildlife and try to capture a feeling of movement, vitality and humour in my pictures.” 


Based in Tetbury, she specialises in relief printmaking and carves most of her blocks out of MDF using lino cutting tools.  She then prints each design individually, one by one, by hand, using the back of a spoon and lots of elbow grease to burnish the ink onto the paper.  

“I often spend hours, or days, preparing the blocks to achieve layers of different colours and shades of ink.  Some of my more complex prints take many weeks – even months – to produce.

After a Geography degree at Oxford University, Nat went back to the drawing board – literally:  she took an access course in art at Stroud College while supporting herself with a variety of jobs. Having completed the course, she established herself as an artist with the help of a substantial grant and loan from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust.  She is a member of the Cotswold Craftsmen and is also very proactive in campaigning for government action to deal with the climate crisis and global ecological emergency.



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