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All the Little Lights and Songbird

All the Little Lights and Songbird

By Lynn Keddie


Acrylic and mixed media on board

Original artworks

Acrylic on board


Image size: H: 50cm x W: 50cm

Framed size: H: 53 x W; 53cm

£550 each


Soft and lush petals and leaves, abounding with life and verdant energy, are suggested in this very appealing 2024 new pair of works by Lynn, painted in her more impressionistic - rather than expressionistic - style.


Typically, this work demonstrates a delight in shape and colour mixing. The composition bursts with fertility and vibrancy, with the wide array of paint marks almost dancing and shifting on the surface. 


Although there is a sense of utter spontaneity in the brush marks, layers and shapes, the beauty and detail within the work belie a considerable process of thought and refinement.  


    Lynn's expressive paintings drift from loose impressionism and the edge of abstraction to full-on abstract work. They are all about the sensory experience - of both the act of painting and of viewing and interpreting art.


    She describes her painting as “a dive into my sensory experience, releasing feelings, experiences and colour onto the canvas”.


    Gestural marks, made with a variety of implements, express mood, energies and thoughts. She often works with her hands when using oils - “their buttery nature cries out to be handled, to be closer to the canvas”.


    She is based in Frome, Somerset.

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