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Back Garden Birds - Pair

Back Garden Birds - Pair

By Amanda Bradbury



Original artworks

Acrylic on watercolour paper



View From My Study: Image - H 25cm x W: 25cm. Framed - H: 43cm x W; 43cm. £395

Magpies on a Frosty Morning: Image - H 25cm x W: 25cm. Framed - H: 42cm x W; 43cm. £395


These two charming paintings capture the life of two of our more common birds as we all usually see them - in our gardens and around our homes and rooftops, so reflecting the bird's choice of British climate in the trees and skylines.


Her paintings, set in the South Cotswolds locations where she lives,  celebrate the colour, shape and form in nature, combining her love of landscapes and her passion for wildlife.


    Inspired by nature, artist, sculptor and environmentalist, Amanda Bradbury, celebrates the beauty of birds through her colourful, flowing acrylic paintings, which illustrate the relationship between wildlife and the landscape, and her intricate wire sculptures.


    Her work is developed from observational sketches made in the field.


    Although she has been painting and making all her life and became a professional illustrator and graphic designer for a number of years, her calling was to work in conservation. After over 20 years at the Slimbridge wetland conservation centre, she is now a full-time artist, using her sound understanding of ecology and the natural world to help inform her compositions and sculptures.


    Ten years ago Amanda started making wire sculptures – a practical and creative departure when she inherited lots of old computer cable and printing aluminium sheets from her late father.


    Her sculptures capture the natural behaviour and character of the subject, using upcycled waste wire, cable and other unwanted materials to reflect her passion to minimise her impact on the environment. The cables are stripped by hand or left intact, depending on the desired colour or texture wanted.

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