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By Miranda Carter


Acrylic, ink and pastel on canvas

Original artwork


Size: H: 87cm  x W: 87cm 


This South Cotswold artist's beautiful work leads us into the mystery and awe of nature - swirling mist,  distant land features, the grandeur and scale of a scene, shimmering light. All deeply felt by the onlooker.


This impressively serene  work bears all her hallmarks: blended colours, lights peering through, fine lines and a sense of depth and wide vista.


A paean is a song or lyric poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving.  It comes from the Greek παιάν, "song of triumph, any solemn song or chant". 


This work could definitely be classed as Contemporary Romanticism crossed with Abstract-Expressionism - a reflection of Miranda's joint great art heroes, Turner and Rothko.


It all makes for a breathtaking centrepiece for a living room or bedroom: even better if you have the space to view it from a distance, as you walk in.


    Miranda Carter lives and works on the edge of the Cotswolds.


    She draws inspiration for her paintings from the physical experience of the elements. From awe-inspiring open spaces, lakes and seascapes to the pathways of underground roots and water connecting us to what's underneath as well as what's above.


    Walking and swimming in all weathers, she immerses herself in the natural world in a very literal way. These feelings of exposure help to leave behind the chaos of a busy brain and rebalance the technical interactions of modern life with visceral experiences.


    She puts it very simply: “I aim to recreate the feeling you experience when encountering something bigger than yourself.”


    The paintings themselves evolve through the creative journey. A combination of drawing and painting, mixing bold marks with fine lines. Exploring where and how a line or brushstroke starts and finishes and noting the way pressure, mood and medium affects them.


    Miranda studied Fine Art in Winchester and then Bath. Her career started in a London gallery and continued in youth theatre and graphic design. In 2016, painting took over as her full-time career.