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Chef I & II

Chef I & II

By Denise Liebermann


Original artworks

Oil on box canvas


Framed size: H: 61cm x W: 91cm

£925 eeach


This year, Denise is one of three of our artists demonstrating their skills and knowhow in creating art perfect for a public or a private dining area.


Denise's inspiration comes from her chef husband, Martin, who has turned out wonderful dishes in some of our region's top establishments and around the world. She has produced a range of highly original, super-sized oil-on-canvas works which zoom in on the hands of a chef preparing ingredients. It's a celebration of knife skills and chef expertise which would suit any venue keen on sourcing the best local ingredients and giving diners an open view of the kitchen in action.


Her idea was also partly inspired by Nicolas Freeling’s 1950s culinary classic The Kitchen and the Cook and his contention that 'my kitchen years are written on my hands': “Even without cuts, a chef's hands are unmistakable. The finger tips are flattened and ironed by the touch of hot serving dishes and roasting trays. The side of the forefinger becomes corrugated by the peeler and the ball of the thumb a multitude of tiny cuts not quite deep enough to sever the tough skin”.


This is food prepartion without the fantasy or the frills – honest, real, only the best raw ingredients and a determination to prepare them well and celebrate their form and their taste. And all achieved by working hands that are dedicated and shaped to that end. Turning this concept into a striking, statement artwork, with such bravura, is no mean feat.


She has invented her own dining language in visual form and provided conversation pieces for diners by focusing on the pure and simple enjoyment of fresh food and of socialising over a meal.


    Denise is a Worcestershire-based artist who shares a studio with another of our artists, Wendi Weller, and who has become respected for her animal portraiture. Her new, larger portrait pieces are showing exclusively with us this winter and move her work on, both in scale and narrative.


    "My passion as a portrait artist lies in the intricate dance between capturing a person's outer likeness and revealing their inner essence. Through each stroke of my brush or pencil, I aim to unveil the stories, emotions and unique character that make each individual a work of art in their own right.


    "Portraiture, for me, is a deeply personal and profound exploration of human connection. It's not merely about creating a likeness; it's about delving into the soul of the subject and conveying their humanity on canvas or paper.


    "Every face tells a story - and I'm committed to telling those    stories with empathy, sensitivity, and authenticity.


    "In my work, I embrace a blend of classical and contemporary techniques. Whether it's a detailed, realistic portrayal or a more interpretive and abstract representation, my goal is to elicit a sense of recognition and emotional resonance in the viewer.


    "Through the medium of portraiture, I hope to foster a deeper understanding of the human experience, celebrating our diversity, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Each portrait is an opportunity to explore the intricacies of identity and the shared bonds that connect us all."

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