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Puzzlewood and Awakening

Puzzlewood and Awakening

By Bernadette Hansford


Textile, stitch, embroidery, bead, diamante and mixed media on handmade felt

Original artworks


Image sizes: Puzzlewood H: 28cm x W: 28cm / Awakening 31cm diameter

Framed size: 53cm x 53cm - box frame 

£525 each


This stunning pair of detailed and mesmerising images is the latest of Bernadette's original works that we are showing, after a tremendous reception for her debut in the gallery last year.

They are constructed from handmade felt, partly quilted, intricate embroidery stitches and numerous tiny beads, vintage jewellery and layers of textile collage.


Because they are in deep box frames, the layering-up is even more complex than Bernadette usually produces, creating an illusion of a three-dimensional forest glade, allowing for shadows to be cast by the tree trunks and, in Awakening, for handmade, bejewelled butterfly wings and petals to curl  upwards.


Puzzlewood is actually based on a real-life 'enchanted wood': an ancient woodland, filled with fantastic tree and rock formations, in the Forest of Dean. This piece won an award in the 2023 Tera Arna landscape competition.

Every detail has been represented, including the bark and hollows on the tree trunks, the light emerging from the depths of the scene and the shadows cast across the flower-carpeted banks.


These pieces were each about 150 hours in the making. Lovers of Bernadette's work say they never tire of gazing into these pictures to pick out all the details and the variety of stitching and collage pieces.  They are marvels of textile engineering - and very distinctive artworks for the home.


    Bernadette is a fibre and embroidery artist living and working in Gloucester.


    Completely self taught, she uses raw wool, blended with pure silks and man-made fibres, to create pieces that strive to provoke emotions through colour, texture and content.


    All pieces are one of a kind and are completely hand-made, from the felt to the threads. Numerous hours of diligent hand embroidery and beading go into each scene.

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