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Returning and Calling - matching pair

Returning and Calling - matching pair

By Luba Arnold-Larnie


Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Original artworks


Framed size of each: H: 43cm x W: 43cm

£350 each


Two more South Cotswold landscapes are transformed into melting colours and bold shapes.


Returning is inspired by Kites Hill Nature Reserve and Calling is based on Selsley Common. They both have a distilled, mesmeric feeling of hazy summer days,  with softly-melded pigments and gentle curves and undulations carrying our eye to the far horizon.


Luba's charactertistic green, blue and teal palette gives us the strong structure of each piece and is softened by tangerines and peaches melting into hints of sun-drenched reds.


We get the sense of wide open spaces, scale and distance - landscapes with a distinctive feel-good factor, that would work well if these were displayed singly but be even better if they were on show as a pair.