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Greenhouse - SOLD

Greenhouse - SOLD

By Nicki Heenan


Ink and pigment on board


Original artwork

Image size: H: 30cm x W: 30cm

Framed size: H: 40cm x W:40cm


Nicki takes a forgotten corner of a greenhouse and turns it into a very beautiful, multi-layered work of art, in gentle tones and colours. In so doing, she shows off her accomplishment as a painter and her versatility in mark making.


We see the tangle of plants and the reflections and dust on the sections of greenhouse glass as the sunlight bounces off or through. We can almost smell the musty warmth of the interior.


This distinctive and gentle image works as a pair with Meadowsweet, shown in the second image above.  They are both framed in buff-coloured St Ives frames that tone perfectly with the paint palette Nicki has chosen.


The price is per artwork.



    Nicki’s paintings are primarily influenced by surface and substance. Colour is rendered in multiple layers, using glazing, and infused with dry pigment, oil, cold wax or in watercolour. The results are often surprising and inventive, creating beautiful and intriguing paint and texture effects.


    Nature is her greatest muse:

    “The surface textures and patination within the landscape have inspired me to develop working with a range of materials that can best describe these attributes. I work with oil paint, cold wax and dry pigment in layers often scraping back and pouring paint to create paintings with a depth of colour and texture.”


    Her art studies have formed an integral part of her work as an artist where the experimental methods of science are combined with an abstract visualisation of the landscape.


    Born in London, Nicki went to school in Haverford West, then Aberystwyth, in Wales. She later moved to New Zealand where she gained an MSc from Auckland University. Art study was undertaken in NZ and Australia which gave her a foundation in Classical painting and creative methods. On moving to London in 2005 she studied at Goldsmiths University, UCL specialising in Cross Arts Workshops.


    Nicki works from her home studio in Wiltshire and teaches workshops around the world. Her work has been exhibited in major galleries in London, Australia and New Zealand.

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