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The Seasonal Light Series: Floral & Fruit Still Lifes

The Seasonal Light Series: Floral & Fruit Still Lifes

By Sue Waterfield


Original artworks

Oil on canvas


Image size: H: 35cm x W: 35cm or H: 30cm x W: 40cm

Size of framed work: H: 40cm x W: 40m or H: 34cm x W: 44cm

£420 each (unframed)

£465 each (framed)


This is a new series of perfectly-composed still life works which show off Sue's confidence and skill as a still life artist and tutor. They also demonstrate her horticulturalist roots - she insists on making every plant absolutely 'anatomically correct', depicting each in the natural light of that season of the year in which they flourish.


Sue is adept at composing an arrangement and working with luminescent light, shadows, reflections, ripe fruit and florals.


The first pair, shown above, is particularly remarkable for the dappled shadows on the table surface which fan out beautifully. Light bounces off every surface, even the plate and the table top.


All the paintings have an inter-war-years feel of nostalgia and vintage charm, emphasised by the classic blooms in each scene.


They can be purchased individually but would look marvellous displayed as pairs.


    South Gloucestershire-based Fine Art graduate, Sue, is one of our most versatile artists. She can almost chart her life in art, having started out in abstract sculpture and moved on to imposing Abstract-Expressionist frescoes.


    Her horticultural training and experience enhance her still life work - in both choice of subject and understanding of form: she chooses the most attractive blooms, often very complex in shape and structure, and depicts them extremley accurately, as well as beautifully.


    She's also adept at large-scale architectural drawings and life drawing. No wonder she won the Royal West of England Art Gallery's 'best emerging artist' award two decades ago.

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