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Life-size wire bird sculptures - SOLD OUT

Life-size wire bird sculptures - SOLD OUT

By Rachael Thorogood


Reclaimed wire with coloured thread and, sometimes, wooden stands

All life-size

Height: 8 - 35cm approx

From £88 - £245


Raechel's love of nature translates into these beautiful birds which are lovingly created to reflect their avian forms and personalities. 


In a meticulous and marvellously sustainable process, she reclaims household wire, unfurls it, covers it in coloured threads to match the bird's plumage and then shapes it, cleverly and carefully, into the shape and pose of each bird,


She says: "I spend a significant amount of time layering my colours, sometimes four layers deep, so I capture the tones that I need. Then the sculpting starts, all free hand whilst following my sketches. The eyes, then the beak, finally finishing off each bird with a vintage lead bird ring debossed with my signature."


From pigeons to penguins, puffins to oystercatchers, blackbirds to kingfishers - they all come with their own name tags and some also perch on their own real, foraged wooden blocks or stands.


Each piece is beautiful in its own right as well as for the shadows it casts in different lights, day and night, depending on where it sits in your home.


This is the second flock of birds we have welcomed into the gallery. Pictured here are a blackbird (£115), two starlings (£105 each) and a kingfisher (£115).


    Based in Cheltenham, Rachael is a painter and sculptor whose work is inspired by landscape and by nature, whether she is painting en plein air or creating life-sized bird sculptures in wire.

    "In my work as an en plein air artist, I connect with the landscapes and environment set before me. I always sit for a while soaking up the bird song, the sounds of the wind through the trees, observing the tonal values and observing the emotional response within me. I then start with a thumbnail sketch, then a notan study, before I apply oils to my prepared wooden boards." 

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