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Porcelain Exquisites - THREE SOLD

Porcelain Exquisites - THREE SOLD

By Juli Bharucha


Original miniature artworks - individually hand-sculpted

Porcelain and gold lustre

Sizes - ranging between H: 6.5cm - 12cm and W: 6cm - 13cm

Prices range from £195 to £370 each

These new porcelain miniature sculptures, unveiled for Christmas 2023, just sing out for superlatives.


Immaculate, intricate, precious, endlessly fascinating. Truly extraordinary, in concept and making. They have to be seen to be believed. They are nothing less than paragons of porcelain sculpture.

Together, they make up Juli Bharucha's 2023 'Porcelain Exquisites' range, exclusive to us. These abstract forms, each one unique, are intended as special gifts, personal tokens or eye-catching accent pieces.


"These pieces emanate from my larger sculptural works, extracting the core elements of fragility and intricacy. Although this new work holds many familiar characteristics, it's essentially intuitive, an emotional response, tapping into our ability to express or access our inner selves. It's a meditation that sidesteps spoken and written language."


Drawing on influences from her Indian and Persian heritage, Juli's forms are sensual as suggested in their openings, enclosures and fluted bulb and bowl shapes. Others evoke the delicacy and complexity of shells or organic beings, with movement and fluidity suggested in the undulations of the repeat patterns and spirals.


"I want each piece to hold a sense of intimacy reminiscent of jewels - a keepsake and precious connection to the heart."


Once the underlying form is shaped, each sculpture is individually created, perhaps taking as long as a week, from high-fired porcelain using a variety of hand building methods, the surfaces carefully sculpted, or layered up, with repeat forms to elude the eye, then finished with underglazes and gold lustre. 


The challenging creative process includes three firings – the first bisque firing, followed by an inspection and smoothing stage, then clear glaze and, finally, the gold lustre firing.


Exquisites can be displayed individually or are collectable and displayable in small groups. They would make stunning gifts for a wedding day, an anniversary or another special occasion. Artworks to be treasured for many years and passed on to future generations. 


    Juli is a wonderfully creative South Cotswolds ceramicist who blends diverse cultural influences in her work and who is fascinated by the allure and magical properties of clay, working hard to perfect her forms and expand her skills.

    "For me creativity is a culmination of lived experience, a continual gathering of emotional knowledge, invisibly distilled into my being. These responses sit behind and direct my creativity, continually demanding to be evaluated and reflected upon.

    "Working for Clare Craft pottery embedded a tacit knowledge of clay. Sculpting and hand building on a daily basis, clay became a familiar and reassuring comrade. I also met a very special and lifelong friend, Pip Whiteside whose words “Go on, you can do it” have stayed with me." 

    Juli joined VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas). Working in Ghana for two years, she dug red gritty clay from the earth, shaped it in wooden moulds and made bricks to be used as a locally resourced building material. "Standing back from my own world and immersing myself in another has continued to influence my world view."

    Later, working at Kings School, Gloucester, the Cathedral became an integral part of her life. "It is space of peace, spirituality and tradition alongside the incredible skills that brought it into being. It is a place where I find inner stillness and harmony."

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