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Russet Fox and Russet Fox on Blue

Russet Fox and Russet Fox on Blue

By Lynsey Cleaver


Original artworks

Limited edition prints - gelatin plate on monoprint + acrylic and ink on paper


Framed size:  H: 48cm x W: 43cm 


£345 each


Lynsey draws and prints the wilds animals and birds who inhabit the countryside round her North Oxfordshire home.


Versatile and inventive in the printing techniques she prefers, she also produces large graphite drawings of wildlife, for the practice of drawing is the backbone of everything she does.


This sensitive yet bold drawing of a young and handsome fox captures the alert gaze and wariness as well as the furry face and neck.


    After completing a BA and an MA in Fine Art and Art History respectively at Coventry University and the University of Warwick,  Lynsey spent over 20 years working as a muralist, scenic artist and commission-based artist for private clients, leading interior designers and the theatre industry, in the UK and abroad.


    She freelanced for the publishing mogul Felix Dennis as an on-site artist at his country estate in Warwickshire and has been involved in various prestigious art projects, including being part of a team that created work for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Russia and creating boxed artworks for the international touring ‘surviving history’ holocaust exhibition in London, Lithuania and South Africa. 


    The influence behind her current work is closer to home: sh