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Spring Gorse

Spring Gorse

By Hayden Price


Original painting

Oil on board

Image size: H: 39cm x W: 16cm 

Framed size: H: 60cm x W: 37cm


Hayden has an amazing ability to capture all the forms and textures of nature, whether he is painting pastureland near his Severn Estuary home or coastal rocks and ocean spray.


This painting is a tour de force. In another astonishing feat of photo-realist-style work, he has captured the full drama and beauty of the gorse-covered cliff top, the rocks and the tide rolling in over the sand beneath. Our eye is drawn by the path leading up through the rocks and the sense of space and views beyond, all captured in this very narrow vertical slice of beach scene.


Hayden sketches and paints in situ, before completing each work in the studio, based on his drawings, artworks and photographs. Nor does he try to simulate a photograph in full - he wants you to see those tiny brush marks when you get up close - some of them made by brushes of a single strand that he makes himself. 


    Hayden has lived in Gloucestershire for most of his life and it's the region he paints most.


    The seasons, with their changing light and colours, are his inspiration and his oil work is a detailed reproduction of the atmosphere, light and depth, sometimes to photo-realistic levels. He has an astonishing ability to render natural textures, field crops and other landscape features. Works like this are painted over many months and require brushes of sometimes a single strand.


    Sketching, painting and recording scenes and vistas, Hayden also travels the country and beyond to capture architecture, coast and landscape.


    He has twice been accepted into the Bath Society of Artists exhibition, in the second year winning the public's favourite painting. Self-taught, he has been painting since he was 15.


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