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Plein air paintings of British scenes

Plein air paintings of British scenes

By Abigail Waddell


Original artworks

Oil on board


Image size: H: 20cm x W: 20cm

Framed size: H: 30cm x W: 30cm

In order, as seen above:

Little Venice I - image 20x20cm, framed 30x30cm - £225

Little Venice II - image 20x20cm, framed 30x30cm - £225

Tenby Harbour - image 21x26cm, framed 23x28cm - £225

St Michael's Mount - image 22x30cm, framed 30x39cm - £275

Barnsley House Gardens - image 25x25cm, framed 37x37cm - £295

Cirencester Park - image 25x25cm, framed 37x37cm - £295


Talented and popular Cotswold artist, Abigail Waddell, is known for her dramatic big skies and cloudscapes, depicting Cotswold, Scottish and Devon or Cornish scenes. In the last two years she has also proven herself as a consummate 'plein air' painter of city scenes and garden vistas or trees, often on a smaller scale.


Here we have six of her smaller, plein air works in three pairs - London canal scenes, Welsh and Cornish coastline settings and Cotswolds green spaces near her home.


The pair of Little Venice paintings is a 'first' for Abigail - focusing on inland water and boats and using a limited palette to perfectly capture the beautiful light on the water surface which dominates both pieces. Positioned where the Grand Union and Regent's Canals meet, the picturesque Little Venice neighbourhood is home to quirky waterside cafes, cosy pubs and charming restaurants - a great place to spend a day or two painting outdoors, as Abigail does when she meets up with her London plein air painter colleagues.


Between them, these six works demonstrate both her key skill sets - a suggestion of vast space and skies along with scaled-down, energetic brush marks to depict marvellous rich colours, reflections and other forms. 


Abigail has been immensely busy and successful in recent years, picking up awards along the way, and is fast building a reputation and following in the wider region for the confidence and range of her landscape work in oils. 


For those who admire her skill and style, but don't have the wall space for one of her large paintings, this collection offers the ideal solution.


    Abigail lives in the Cotswolds and paints mainly local landscapes, inspired when out and about walking in fields, villages and towns. She also loves to capture dramatic and energetic natural scenes related to her favourite places in the UK - in particular the landscapes and seascapes of North-West Scotland (where she has spent every summer for the past 25 years). Also Wales, Devon and Cornwall.


    We're particularly drawn to her rolling clouds and the way they cast 'moving shadows' across the terrains beneath. Her landscapes often feel exciting or ominous, like we're there and watching the weather and the light unfold in front of us.


    “I like to sketch and paint en plein air, often finishing works or creating larger works based on sketches when back in the studio. I favour oils for landscapes of land or sea in which the light and, in particular, the clouds demand an impressionistic approach, to allow the piece to reflect more than simply a snapshot of what is in front of me, and give the viewer a role in interpretation.”


    Abigail carried off the winning place in the 2021 British Contemporary Art awards and takes part in a range of arts events in the region. Her work is increasingly recognised and sought-after across the UK.


    Her latest accolade, in winter 2022, is picking up the People's Choice award in the British Art Prize, sponsored by Artists & Illustrators magazine, an annual, national art competition for artists of all levels to gain publicity and recognition. It's open to everyone – amateur, emerging or professional – all styles, media and techniques.

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