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Tram, Bus & Locomotive (ONE SOLD)

Tram, Bus & Locomotive (ONE SOLD)

By Keith Apperley


Original artworks

Sprayed acrylic ink on art board



29, Arizona Sun - Image H: 30cm x W: 40cm, framed H: 43cm x W: 55cm - £325 - SOLD

Tetbury Bus - Image H: 40cm x W: 30cm, framed H:55cm x W: 43cm - £325

Tram, Old Lady of Lisbon - Image H: 30cm x W: 19cm, framed H: 50cm x W: 39cm - £295


If it moves, has an engine or track and is a transport object of beauty - Keith Apperley will turn ito into a stunning acrylic painting.

This local Tetbury artist is new to the gallery for this winter with these three handsome pieces pictured from his travels - an Arizona locomotive, a Lisbon tram and none other than a Tetbury bus from his home town.

Graphic images with rich colours, spot-on perspective and fine detail, sometimes incorporating clever reflections and light effects..


"My engineering background has been instrumental in the development of my artistic style. I started with detailed pencil drawings, then ink drawing and now make use of acrylic ink air brushing techniques, together with fine detailing, which I feel reflects my understanding of the object I have chosen to paint.


"To me, the aesthetics of an object conveys many things: the history, its design concept, its final place in the world and its interaction in the wider environment. Most recently, I've experimented with how the object interacts with light and refection."


    Keith was born and has lived most of his life in Stroud. He now lives in Tetbury.


    Trained as a mechanical engineer and working in design and drafting at a local mechanical handling company, he was involved in producing artistic lay-outs and scale models. During this time he was seconded to a film company producing promotional videos, acting as engineering liaison, creating artistic lay-outs and advising on technical animations and anything that would make the subject acessible to non-technical clients.


    For the past 30 years, he has taken on numerous painting commissions on various subjects, from motorbikes and cars to buildings of architectural interest, usually in pencil and watercolour.


    More recently, his engineering background and eye for minutiae has led him to concentrate on highly detailed airbrushed artwork that depicts sections or fragments of a subject rather than the complete picture.


    "I have always been in interested in engineering and architecture, particularly in railways thanks to my father’s love of all things steam."


    Having joined The Guild of Railway Artists in 2012, he now concentrates on this subject which interests him most. He has exhibited at both Kidderminster and Shildon Railway Museum.

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