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The Sound of Summer

The Sound of Summer

By Lynn Keddie


Oil on canvas

Original artwork


Size of image: H: 60cm x W: 90cm

Framed size: H: 63cm x W: 93cm


Lynn's work is expressive and ebullient - shapes and colours put down on the canvas in an intuitive way.


Deep areas of paint make the most of the oil texture. Marks are varied, made using all kinds of implements, and brush strokes are gestural and suggest spontaneity and energy.


In this work, for summer 2024, Lynn focuses on the dense carpet of flowers all reaching up towards the light of the sky and uses a soft palette of blues, greens and yellows, fading out from bottom to top as the sunlight  and distant horizon come into sight. We get a viewpoint from ground level - as if we're lying in the undergrowth - and can imagine a soundtrack of multi-layered bird song and insect noise accompanying this scene.


Lynn has shown at the gallery since our first summer and is one of two abstract-expressionist artists who have proven to be very popular with our clients.


    Lynn's expressive paintings drift from the edge of abstraction to full-on abstract work. They are all about the sensory experience - of both the act of painting and of viewing and interpreting art.


    She describes her painting as “a dive into my sensory experience, releasing feelings, experiences and colour onto the canvas”.


    Gestural marks, made with a variety of implements, express mood, energies and thoughts. She often works with her hands when using oils - “their buttery nature cries out to be handled, to be closer to the canvas”.


    Working in acrylics, oils and mixed media, she builds up layers on board or canvas.


    Lynn has been a professional flower and garden photographer for 20 years. In 2009 she came back to painting professionally. Today, she works from her studio in a former Silk Mill in Frome, Somerset. Before moving there, she lived in Wiltshire for 20 years. Both these locations are full of wonderful scenery and stunning skyscapes, which offer her endless inspiration.

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