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Spring-into-Summer Series 2024 - TWO SOLD

Spring-into-Summer Series 2024 - TWO SOLD

By Luba Arnold-Larnie


Acrylic on canvas/deep canvas

Original artworks

All framed (white or black)

Sizes of images, in order as pictured:

Serene - H: 34cm x W: 34cm - £275

Meadows - H: 54cm x W: 54cm - £495 (SOLD)

Days Grow Longer - H: 43cm x W: 43cm - £375 (SOLD)

Early Sun - H: 28cm x W: 33cm - £240



Luba's spring 2024 series,  like so many of her abstract landscapes, is inspired by local South Cotswold scenery and views and light changes, from dawn till dusk, on her countryside walks.


The colours convey the warmth and sunshine and we also get a sense of almost primeval deep rolling hills and massive terrain undulations.  Serene is a departure for Luba - a new pale pnk palette that hints at delicate spring sunlight daring to shine through.  


As with others of Luba's works, they would look fabulous on a plain or pale expanse of wall in a main reception room, bedroom or hallway. Some of this series might also be paired with other seasonal landscape work of this artist which we are currently showing, similar in size or colours.


    Luba is a contemporary landscape artist living in Gloucestershire.

    Her abstract paintings explore an emotional representation of nature in all of its states and behaviours, from gentle and calm to brutal and violent.


    In her exuberant, colour-drenched depictions, Nature comes to life and unleashes its full, elemental force, from shimmering sunshine to turbulent storm, dawn to dusk.

    With acrylic, oil and charcoal as her main media, she plays with pure colours, light effects and form, intensifying them, pushing them to extremes. Palette knife marks create texture and numerous layers of paint overlap to add depth.


    Luba's approach combines painting from memory, sketches, photographs and, of course, on location work. Her technique is energetic and intuitive. There's often a spontaneous reaction - or an impression of spontaneity.


    It's about the way a subject or scene makes both the artist and the viewer feel: how we respond to shape and colour, to dynamic pattern and brush marks.


    Her artworks have appeared in exhibitions in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Devon and Cornwall. She has a degree in Art History.

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