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Figs, Oranges, Blueberries, Baby Blueberries & Tiny Peas

Figs, Oranges, Blueberries, Baby Blueberries & Tiny Peas

By Susie Carson


Original artworks

Acrylic paintings on board



Framed size - 34cm square:

Nine Oranges £245 - SOLD

Blueberries £245 


Framed size - 25cm square:

Eight Figs £185 - SOLD

Baby Blueberries £185

Tiny Peas £185


This is a charming set of square, framed fruit paintings, perfect for a kitchen, conservatory or breakfast room arrangement.  


Susie's remarkable renderings of fruit and vegetable skins, with their bloom and crevices and lush ripe flesh underneath, make you almost think you can pluck out an orange, fig or blueberry right from the painting.


Their geometrical arrangements on the canvas give Susie full scope to adjust lay-out, the angle of each fruit (sometimes almost suggesting inidividual personality!) and the precision and placing of light - plus the all-important shadows: on these she lavishes equal time and care to get the three-dimensional reality just right for the overall design.

Who ever thought fruit and veg could be so beautiful!


The pieces very much lend themselves to arrangements of two or more works, side by side or in a group. 


    An admirer of the op art paintings of Bridget Riley, with their repeat patterns, Susie's graphic design career is evident in the crisp, linear patterns she creates in her fruit painting, as she plays with composition, light and shadow.


    She started out, during lockdown, with her 'socially distanced peas' and has progressed through virtually every form of fruit and vegetable since then.


    Her artistic output has taken off over the last few years as she has developed her acrylic painting style in these modern still lifes, working on both on paper and, more recently, mainly on canvas. She also makes most of her own frames.

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