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Midsummer Night's Dream, Girl With Blackbird, HolyCow

Midsummer Night's Dream, Girl With Blackbird, HolyCow

By Frans Wesselman


Stained Glass - tabletop/hanging pieces

Original artworks

Midsumer Night's Dream H: 40cm x W: 29cm x D: 9.5cm 

Holy Cow: H: 40cm x W: 32cm x D:10cm

Girl With Blackbird: H: 19cm x W: 21.5cm

Midsummer Night's Dream (panel on plinth) £650

Holy Cow (panel on plinth) £750

Girl With Blackbird (hanging panel) £250


These stained glass pieces (one hanging, the other two on wooden plinths) are typical Wesselman stories or cameos, told in a charming and fascinating way. Often, the same stories, scenes, characters and compositions appear in painted, printed and glass formats.


The glass is beautifully painted, etched and formed to capture an instantly-recognisable Shakespeare play, a scene from his travels in India and and sweet, close encounter between a girl and blackbird.


About Holy Cow, Frans says: "This Hindu man makes an offering to a cow, asking for its blessing, a striking and touching instance of animal magic."

For all his work, initial ideas are developed in scribbles in sketchbooks. With basic composition sorted, he starts gathering drawings of the various elements - landscape aspects or buildings or animals. He draws from life, using a model, but also draws people in the street.

For etchings and stained glass, he makes quite precise working drawings; for painting less so. 


"My subjects are the smaller things in life, the interactions between people or people and animals or people and the things in their head. Chance encounters. A kind of visual poetry, maybe. I am as concerned as the next person about the big issues, but I have not found a way to introduce them in my work that convinces me. The sense of fun, of wonder, is something I do experience and I hope I can convey that to others."


    People and relationships are central to the work of this Dutch-born former art teacher, always based on close observation of the natural world and of human interaction with other creatures.


    Typically, his pictures tell stories - of people doing things, feeling things, sharing gentle humour. His scenes aim to convey the psyche of each character or of a situation. We have to read what's going on and he wants us to think about it, just like he's done: “I need to have my mind engaged”.


    Enchanting wood cuts, etchings and stained glass pieces are often derived from famous poetry, drama, folklore, myths or travel tales, including Shakespeare and Chaucer.


    Other work is from his imagination or from observation. He draws from life models and goes out with his sketch book to capture anything that takes his interest.


    In 1983, Frans was elected to the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE).“I'm a painter above all. I love to look at paintings and drawings; I get a lot out of it. You can look at the detail of a picture and marvel at what the artist has achieved by a single brush stroke. That's the satisfaction, when you find the right stroke and it just lights up the whole picture.”


    We show some of his watercolour paintings and limited edition fine art prints in his own mix of wood cut, lino and etching, framed and unframed. We also show a selection of stained glass pieces.

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