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Aunt's Garden I & II - BOTH SOLD

Aunt's Garden I & II - BOTH SOLD

By Cally Trench


Pen and ink drawings on watercolour paper, Minuet' white mountboard and black wooden frames

Original artworks


Image size: each drawing H: 50cm x W: 50m

Size of framed work: H: 70m x W: 70cm approx

£465 each


Cally's aerial view pen and ink drawings are simply delectable - and utterly perfect. It's mesmerising to look into them and pick out the amazing detail, clever perspective and beautiful narrative touches. One would never tire of looking at these.


This pair have the added charm of being based on reminiscences from Cally's childhood. They are based on the garden belonging to a favourite aunt where the artist went to live - plus fond memories of playing board games with her kid brother.


Both gardens and board games are ongoing sources of creative inspiration for Cally.


"My aunt's garden was very neat and well-stocked. I went to live with her (my father's sister) when I was eight, after my mother died. One of the lawns was used to play clock golf in summer."


You may have noticed that, as well as the clock face numerals, two playing pieces from Cluedo have crept into the drawings - a candlestick and a spanner. The Cluedo elements are there to suggest the way that gardens become a territory for imaginative play for children. Cally says: "Where an adult sees a bench, a child may see a boat. Where an adult sees grass, a child may see an ocean to be crossed."


The two drawings work as a continuous pair (see third image above), though can equally well be viewed separately. 


    Cally is a versatile, innovative and prolific artist, working in a range of formats. She is wonderful at inventing an artistic concept and then exploring it through a variety of lenses and media.


    We were privileged, last year, to be showing her latest Metamorphosis series: very powerful and fascinating drawings of hands and feet from which feathers are sprouting. Humans metamorphosing into birds. She spoke fluently and colourfully about them in the gallery during the summer. The fascinating pieces held "the promise of flight, freedom, an escape to the air; but there is the horrendous loss of human identity and the inevitable separation from all the people that you love.”


    The aerial garden series we are showing this year is focused, instead, on nostalgia, home life and childhood, pattern and plenty.  They are prime examples of how Cally works her way through a concept to transform it into many forms and moods.


    What remains constant is her ingenious and inventive imagination and her remarkable ability to capture detail and deal with an aerial viewpoint. 


    Cally’s work includes finshed board games (which she designs fron concept through to finished playing games, with pieces and rules), short films, books and drawings. She is based in Buckinghamshire. 

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