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Standing in a Row and other Miniature Potted Topiaries

Standing in a Row and other Miniature Potted Topiaries

By Chris Woodcock


Pen and ink on paper/watercolour on paper

Original artworks

Framed and unframed options

Image size: H: 12cm X W:17cm and larger

Size of framed work: various - individual and triptychs


Chris has designed and produced a broad series of original pen and ink drawings and watercolours of much-loved public and private garden spaces, all based on a topiary theme. She has then extended this concept into small, delicate ink and watercolour studies of potted topiary trees.


Her love of detail - with careful and varied mark-making to suggest surface texture and depth - shines through in these carefully-composed drawings and paintings that invite us to study every small corner of the image.


We are showing a wide range of her work - some mounted and available from the browser to frame as you choose; others framed as a triptych or as small, charming pictures designed to be displayed in pairs or trios.


Every drawing or painting is unique - even where they are grouped as triptychs: she makes a point of never having any two the same by varying the foliage and the patterns on the pots.


Prices are from £25 to £75 each. 


    Based in her garden studio, overlooking a paddock of pet Soay sheep, Chris explores ways to capture the natural world – creatures, plants, seascapes and landscapes. 


    Delighting in detail and texture, her favourite media are drypoint print and pen and ink, though she also likes to combine these with paint, pastel and mixed media, sometimes for abstract compositions which still show detail in their texture, pattern and colour gradations.


    In our debut year we have shown two of her recent collections of original pen and ink drawings – her topiary garden scenes, extended into potted topiary drawings and paitings, and her Soay sheep and other animal portraits.


    She runs a programme of art workshops and art history talks at Spencer House Gallery and in North Oxfordshire.

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