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Cornish Pots - SOLD

Cornish Pots - SOLD

By Angela Cash


Original artwork

Oil on canvas


Image size: H: 31cm x W: 30cm

Framed size: H: 38cm x W: 37cm


This charming still life painting is extremely simple in subject, composition and limited colour palette yet beautifully serene in mood, conveying a quiet nostalgia and suggesting rural life of yesteryear.


Painted in an Impressionistic flat tache style, in which Angela manages oil paint in a light and romantic 'watercolour way', the edges of the pots shimmer against an indistinct table top and wall. 


Gentle shadows and light play across the surfaces of both pots, with visible brush marks enhanced by the textured gesso on the board beneath, one of the artist's trademarks.


Angela often paints much more complex interior or garden scenes, but here she focuses on the perfect elipses and the pure beauty of two traditional bowl shapes.


    A professional artist, Angela grew up and has lived in the Cotswolds most of her life. 


    "Surrounded by amazing landscapes and history I am inspired to capture 'moments' in my paintings. In a world where there is so much negativity, I try to find a positive memory to reflect on,  capturing moments of gentle normality."


    She loves to paint interiors showing everyday life, garden views and still life, always trying to capture a certain light and atmosphere with a subtlety of colour and no hard lines. She paints a lot of commission works as well, again recording moods, memories and moments.


    She usually works directly from the subject or from sketches made in situ, finishing them in her studio. Using watercolour and now, predominantly, oils, she prepares her own boards in a traditional way, covering them with calico and using rabbit skin glue with gesso which gives the soft texture she prefers.


    Angela has painted for more than 30 years and has exhibited widely in the south of England, including the RWA, Bristol and many times with The Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries, London.

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