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Cotswold Seasons in Gouche: Three Dusk Scenes

Cotswold Seasons in Gouche: Three Dusk Scenes

By Alison Vickery


Original artworks

Gouache on toned ground


Framed sizes range from: H: 12 - 15 cm; W: 12 - 18cm

Image sizes range from: H: 28 - 32 cm x W: 28 - 32 cm


£225 each


Alison likes to catch light, colour and a sense of place.  This trio of small paintings, entrancing in their apparent simplicity, all depict evening colours, as the sun sets and the sky's fading light is reflected across the terrain beneath. 


Her work as Featured Artist for our main Summer 2023 show is on a modest and sensitive scale - using carefully-selected, limited colours palettes to capture the serene beauty and atmosphere of the Cotswold landscape and giving it a timeless charm and tranquillity, in whatever season or time of day she is depicting.


“I work quickly, using proportionally large brushes to capture the fleeting moment, with the brush marks adding character. Working on brown paper with gouache allows me to paint on the light, which means it stands out – and yet it's still watercolour so I can still achieve subtle washes.”


She finds the subjects for her art by just getting out and looking. It could be on an specific art trip or simply a walk, a cycle or just going out on an errand.


"I see a particular field where the colours are just amazing, the light hitting a few remaining gold leaves or a sense of still calm by the canal. I go back to these places with a few of my many sketch books. I like to work quickly so take a selection so that, while one sketch is drying, I can start using another.


"I also like the way the toned ground shows through the washes. Skies are a constant source of inspiration for me, the colour, the constant change. I have many sketchbooks full of skies.


"I try to achieve the feel of the subject with an interesting paint surface and marks. I use a limited number of colours and mix the colours I want from these - it keeps things harmonious."


    Alison works in a range of media, continually experimenting and developing new techniques and creating lively paintings which capture the essence of her subject.


    She is particularly interested in light and colour. Her work starts with a response to what inspires her in one of her sketch books. The Cotswolds, where she lives, and the coast are particular favourites.


    She studied graphic design and illustration in London in the 80's, followed by a successful career in design and illustration. Since 1994, she has concentrated on her passion for drawing and painting and worked on many commissions for, amongst others, the National Trust and John Lewis.


    Many of her paintings and designs are published under licence. Her work sells worldwide and is in many private collections.


    Cotswold Life magazine showcased Alison’s work in 2022. She was featured in The Artist magazine in 2021.

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