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Creatures, Myths & Magic - limited edition prints

Creatures, Myths & Magic - limited edition prints

By Tim Southall


- Original artworks and limited edition prints - framed and unframed

- Various sizes and media - predominantly etching and aquatint or silkscreen prints

- Three of the six works, in the order above, are outlined below, with their sizes and prices. More works are on display in the gallery. Also shown here are Leaping Hound (unframed, £160), Old Puss in Boots (unframed, £145), and Circle of Life (unframed, £325).


Thoughts from the artist:

"My work is figurative and generallly uses a narrative framework to explore themes of our shared history, often with strong character and emotional resonance. I enjoy playing with metaphor, scale and perspective and creating images that, at first, seem intrinsically simple but, on closer inspection, are complex.


"My creative process reflects everyday life experiences which are often re-interpreted in an otherworldly context. I am a sponge that soaks up the nuances of character and behaviour that I see in others and also within myself. I often reach back into my childhood experiences to reference a distant me, in a quest to find meaning in what I see here today. From these experiences a spark of an idea moves from my mind into notes and jottings, which gradually come together to form compositions."


Out With the Dogs - unframed £275

Silkscreen print (six colours) in an edition of 50

Image size 40 x 60 cm

Paper size 52 x 72 cm

Under a brooding sky and in a wooded landscape, a figure moves stealthily. He is the master, out with his dogs. Together they assess the surroundings, their senses fully alert.


Prowling Cats - framed £220

Etching & aquatint in edition of 75

Image size 20 x 30 cm

Paper size 32 x 42 cm

A meeting of three cats in a clearing in a miniature wood. The creeping felines keep their distance, circling and waiting to see who (if anyone) will make the first move.


Deer in Winter - framed £275 - SOLD

Etching & aquatint in edition of 75

Image size 20 x 30 cm

Paper size 32 x 42 cm

A snapshot of a family of deer caught in the misty stillness of a wintery pine forest. A scene of tranquility and quiet.


    Tim was born in Staffordshire and grew up on the edge of the heavy industrial heartlands of the Black Country. He studied Fine Art at Northumbria University and then printmaking at the Royal College of Art and L’école des Beaux Art, Paris.


    Based in London for 20 years, he taught at University level while maintaining a career as a professional artist, before leaving the teaching profession and concentrating solely on making art.


    For the last 20 years he has been based in Cadiz Province in southern Spain, where he makes most of his work. Much of his work is made in etching as he has an etching press in his Spanish studio. He also creates silkscreen prints at the Birmingham Printmakers print studio in the UK and monotypes inspired by the beauty and colour of his local landscape on the Costa de la Luz.


    "I continue to be intrigued and inspired into further experimentation in technique and process. I take great joy in setting myself harder goals, creating paths of greater difficulty, and triumphing over my inevitable failures. However, in the end, all that really matters to me is that the viewer has the opportunity to find their own meaning and value in the art that I make."


    Tim is an elected member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.

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