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Found Object Miniature Collages

Found Object Miniature Collages

By Sue Hooper


Original artworks in textile and stitch on handmade paper with found objects


Various sizes

Nesting: £155

Mellow Yellows: £155

Blue Solstice:  £155


Found oibjects are given a new narrative and a second life in Sue's delicate and detailed collages, or assemblages.


She is new to the gallery for Spring 2024 with this trio of checkerboard-patterned pieces which celebrate new life and natural forms. Each square is designed, stitched and assembled by hand, individually, and every artwork is unique.


Here, she describes the three works in the order they appear above:



"Natural and manmade finds are thoughtfully arranged and carefully nurtured in their own ‘nest’. This eclectic collection includes fragments of Liberty fabric, worm-bored driftwood, pottery sherds,

pebbles, sea glass, coral, vintage text, cowrie, lace, sea urchin fragments, crinoid, ammonite, limpet, periwinkles, postage stamp, shells,  silk and other textiles. They are presented on a handmade, paper-stitched background."


Mellow Yellows

"Sea glass, pottery sherds, shells, starfish, urchin fragments, coral, worm-bored driftwood, pressed

flowers, butterfly wings, featherand bead feature in this piece. They are arranged on a background of unique handmade paper which has been produced from pulp I create using vintage paper from discarded books and ephemera, coloured with acrylic paint. Free motion stitching

adds further embellishment and links the square motifs."

Blue Solstice

"Vintage discarded books are used to create my unique handmade paper. The pulp is coloured using acrylic paint and, as the paper sheet is formed, it is infused with lace and fabric scraps. The squares are adhered using free motion stitching which adds further embellishment and links the motifs into an overall design. This piece has a particularly eclectic mix of finds, including sea pottery, sea glass, bonfire glass, pebbles, semi-precious stones, metal fragments, worm-bored driftwood, beads and sea urchin fragments. Some appear as if they are emerging from their background, just like they did when I first plucked them out of the ground." 


    Sue is a mixed media artist living in Gloucestershire. Her pictures - which she calls her 'assemblages' - incorporate an inventive and detailed re-use of objects that come with their own history, ensuring their story continues rather than ends.

    A wide variety of mediums are used in her assemblages including wax and paint. To create pattern and narrative, she carefully sources tiny objects that catch her eye and inspire her, including sea glass, shells, driftwood, vintage textiles, paper, buttons, beads and ceramic and metal fragments.


    Sue quotes Pablo Picasso when describing the focus of her work: "The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spiders web.” 


    Her work, Nesting, won the Best 3D award in the Tetbury Art Society Equinox open exhibition hosted by Spencer House Gallery in March 2024.

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