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Framed Shadow Drawings: Incandescence and Illusive

Framed Shadow Drawings: Incandescence and Illusive

By Wendy Rhodes


Graphite and soluble graphite drawings

Original artworks


Image sizes: H: 56cm x W: 76cm or H: 76cm x W: 56cm

Framed sizes:  H: 75cm x W: 95cm or H: 95.5cm x W: 75cm (approx)

£1,250 each


The play of light through tree branches, coupled with an elongated perspective, are an endless source of dual inspiration for Wendy in these fabulous drawings that create so many subtle shades and nuances that we marvel at their beauty and precision. 


We look to the vanishing point along each lane and the complex web of shadows leads our eye into the scene. There's mystery and wonder in these ancient lanes and hedges, with their overarching tree canopies.


In her drawings and etchings, Wendy works with a monochromatic palette in order to focus attention onto surfaces, structural elements and light. She is drawn to hidden-away rural locations and ancient landscape corners, where nature is taking back control of human interventions in the terrain. The qualities within the materials that she uses and their potential for mark making are important motivating factors. The sheer range of the marks and shades she makes need to be seen in the gallery - you just can't appreciate them fully online. 


Wendy draws with graphite, water soluble graphite and charcoal and, through these mediums, she is able to thoroughly explore the possibilities of each image. These large and dramatic drawings are remarkable for their variation of tone - to suggest light, shadow, sky movement and distance - and the combination of line and scratch elements. 


Here's what she has to say about these two pieces...


'Incandescence' - on Fabriano Artistico 640gsm:
"This drawing is inspired by the junction at Nags Head Lane and Hampton Hill in Avening. 

"The light falls gently through the branches onto the road, creating an appealing glow and an atmosphere of tranquility. A seemingly perfect rural idyll, yet the light leads the viewer through the image to a road, rushing past. The end of local speed limits, indicated by the sign, speaks of the pace of many cars. Nature shaped by human intervention."

'Illusive' - on Saunders Waterford paper 640gsm:
"This image was inspired by a scene along a narrow lane leading from Nags Head to Cherington Ponds, near Avening, Gloucestershire. The title came from the illusion of shadows; they seem so definite in their shapes but have indistinct edges and they never appear the same, from one moment to the next.  The main tree's shadow is projected to the forefront of the hedge, creating the illusion of a slightly broken or misaligned tree trunk."

It's rare to see such large, finished landscape drawings in a gallery these days - but this is a timely reminder of traditional skills and their effectiveness in capturing a scene and a mood. 


    Wendy is a South Cotswold-based artist whose drawing and printmaking reflect her experiences of walking through rural countryside, along coastlines and becoming immersed in place.


    "The rural countryside is an imperfect vision of a natural environment that has been shaped by human intervention. Paths are chewed and indented by farm machinery, hedges are cut and fences repaired. Nature does its best to wrench back control; rain washes paths to new shapes, fence posts lean to their own tune and these are the moments that I find fascinating."


    Every piece she creates begins with drawing, exploring the structures and textures of footpaths, bridleways and beaches; tracking seasonal and environmental changes.


    Her approach is informed by writers and artists such as Tim Ingold and John Virtue, both of whom have experiential practices; exploring walking and wayfaring. A similarly immersive approach enables her to document places in a diarist’s format, drawing attention to details, memories and glimpses that build to a whole.

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