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Garden Trio: Whimsical Poppy, After Today and Almost Grown

Garden Trio: Whimsical Poppy, After Today and Almost Grown

By Wendi Weller


Original artworks

Acrylic on canvas


Image size: H: 30cm x W: 30cm

Framed size: H: 33cm x W: 33cm


Wendi condenses vibrancy of mark and colour into these small, semi-abstract floral-and-seed-pod works, all based on inspiration from the vivid profusion of the garden outside her studio.


Whimsical Poppy has a more distinct linear flow, whereas the other two pieces, working well as a pair, play with merged colours and blurred edges.


    Warwickshire artist, Wendi, is passionate about colour and this translates into large, semi-abstract, bold floral paintings as well as still life work.


    Working in acrylic, oil and mixed media - either on canvas, paper or board - she aims to create fresh, bright, fluid lines. She uses mark-making and texture to convey the shapes and vibrancy of flowers and vegetation in her own garden, working from her eco studio which backs onto countryside.


    What starts out as a vision, soon evolves into an abstract concept of the shape and contours relating to the colour and form.


    “I begin my paintings with washes of colour, then build up layers, always retaining some of the sweeping background brush marks and colours in the finished painting.


    “These paintings are inspired by my garden and some are named after strong Shakespearean women - independent and intelligent characters who are capable of overcoming obstacles and challenges in their lives. I feel my plants face similar challenges, with the threat of global warming and seasonal hurdles of their own.”

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