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Beyond the Stone Stile (SOLD) and Homage to Laurie Lee

Beyond the Stone Stile (SOLD) and Homage to Laurie Lee

By Christine Dack


Original artworks

Acrylic and mixed media (collage) on canvas/wood panel

Image size: H: 50cm x W: 50cm approx

Framed size: H: 53cm x W: 53cm approx

Into the Hills - deep canvas, unframed £455 

Homage to Laurie Lee - wood panel, framed £495 


These are two of Christine's new and striking semi-abstract landscapes, both luring you in through interesting brush marks, mystical atmospheres and mysterious pathways or canyons, set in a semi-fantastical scene.


Atmosphere, texture and colour, for her, are the important characteristics. She also works hard to perfect composition, melding the lay-out of her scenes through use of  atmospheric colours and brushmarks, often layering up tints, so that one colour shimmers through the next, and enjoying pattern and mark-making.


These paintings are also, in part, a response to the poetry of South Cotswold poet Laurie Lee, incorporating as they do, parts of his poetry that the artist has written on tissue. The detail is subtle and sensitive, playing with light and form.


Lee was brought up in the small village of Slad, Gloucestershire and his most famous novel, Cider With Rosie, records his childhood there, though his first love was always poetry.


"I love the poetry of Laurie Lee and, with being near Slad and wandering about in woodland as I do, I wanted to incorporate pieces of this writing in the painting. You cannot really see what it says as it appears as mirror writing but that's all part of the mystery!"


    Prolific South Cotswolds artist, Christine, trained as a teacher, specialising in pottery and sculpture. She has always been involved with visual art; mostly ceramics and painting.


    For many years, before moving to Gloucestershire, she exhibited at the Loft Studio, Salcombe, and at Harbour House in Kingsbridge with South Hams Art Forum.


    "I find it totally absorbing and exciting to make a direct translation of landscape while on the spot. This experience gives me a feeling of affinity with the environment, helping me to capture the essence of my impressions.


    "When possible, I work directly in oil. However, when travelling further afield, I also work in oil pastel or watercolour, making larger oil paintings on my return home."


    Impressions of the landscapes she visits are many and various. Places she has painted include parts of Cornwall, Dartmoor, Greenland, Nepal, Sicily, El Hierro (the smallest Canary island), Gozo, Mongolia and Scotland. In the last two years she has focused more on West Wales and her local Cotswold area.


    In 2017 she attended Newlyn Art School's "Defining Practice" course.


    Christine also produces a range of striking abstract and semi-abstract work to explore other responses to landscape and scene in form and colour. We display this work both framed and unframed.

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