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Sun Sky Weather I & II

Sun Sky Weather I & II

By Alison Vickery


Original artworks

Acrylic and mixed media on paper


Image size: H: 22cm x W: 22cm

Framed size: H: 38cm x W: 38cm

£295 each


Alison likes to catch light, movement and a sense of the place. This pair of paintings is typical of her lively, intuitive style. She finds the subjects for her art by just getting out and looking, on a specific art expedition or simply a spontaneous walk.


"I work in sketch books, hardly looking at the page, responding with marks to the feel I get from the happening weather. A thin pencil line may be following the flight of a bird. Thick brush strokes may be responding to the swathes of snow coming in over the common. Fast edgy lines could be a sudden squall of hail. It is all about recording the feel and atmosphere of the storm.


"I then do sketches from my sketches which I play around with, cut up collage to explore different compositions (some of which become pieces of work in their own right ). Next, with all this reference about but definitely not right in front of me - I don't want to copy anything as it becomes stilted - I start painting intuitively to create the essence and atmosphere of the subject.


"Working mainly in acrylic paint but also with pencil, water-soluble pencils and crayons and anything to hand, I build up the colour and marks - putting on, scraping off, defining, obliterating, the story of the process reflecting the dynamic of the weather."


    Alison works in a range of media, continually experimenting and developing new techniques and creating lively paintings which capture the essence of her subject.


    She is particularly interested in light and colour. Her work starts with a response to what inspires her in one of her sketch books. The Cotswolds, where she lives, and the coast are particular favourites.


    She studied graphic design and illustration in London in the 80's, followed by a successful career in design and illustration. Since 1994, she has concentrated on her passion for drawing and painting and worked on many commissions for, amongst others, the National Trust and John Lewis.


    Many of her paintings and designs are published under licence. Her work sells worldwide and is in many private collections.


    Cotswold Life magazine showcased Alison’s work in 2022. She was featured in The Artist magazine in 2021.

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