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Man & Spaniel - SOLD

Man & Spaniel - SOLD

By Denise Liebermann


Original artwork

Oil on canvas

Unframed (the second image above is a framing idea only)

Image size: H: 150cm x W: 98cm


This wonderful painting, which is the signature piece for our winter 2023 Animal Magic show, captures the bond between man and dog. It has been painted in a confident and creative style, with an upturned perspective and clever use of shadow and highlights, on the figures and in the background.


Denise's lean use of the oil paint allows you to see the brush marks and imagine the painting coming into being through laying down of careful, flat planes of colour, large and small.


We love the over-enlarged, shabby shoes in the foreground, with dangling lace, the wrinkled socks, the strong features of the quiet dog and the touches of light on face and knees. Everything is beautifully understated.


Denise says: "My inspiration for this painting was loosely based on my long-established love of Freud and a photograph that sang out to me and onto which I layered my own narrative. 


"The man, deep in contemplation, knows without question, whatever his joys and woes, that his faithful dog is there by his side.  Together they navigate the journey of life, growing older with a deep and mutual connection unlike any other."


    Denise is a Worcestershire-based artist who shares a studio with another of our artists, Wendi Weller, and who has become respected for her animal portraiture. Her new, larger portrait pieces are showing exclusively with us this winter and move her work on, both in scale and narrative.


    "My passion as a portrait artist lies in the intricate dance between capturing a person's outer likeness and revealing their inner essence. Through each stroke of my brush or pencil, I aim to unveil the stories, emotions and unique character that make each individual a work of art in their own right.


    "Portraiture, for me, is a deeply personal and profound exploration of human connection. It's not merely about creating a likeness; it's about delving into the soul of the subject and conveying their humanity on canvas or paper.


    "Every face tells a story - and I'm committed to telling those    stories with empathy, sensitivity, and authenticity.


    "In my work, I embrace a blend of classical and contemporary techniques. Whether it's a detailed, realistic portrayal or a more interpretive and abstract representation, my goal is to elicit a sense of recognition and emotional resonance in the viewer.


    "Through the medium of portraiture, I hope to foster a deeper understanding of the human experience, celebrating our diversity, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Each portrait is an opportunity to explore the intricacies of identity and the shared bonds that connect us all."

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