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Ochre, Marine & Blue Carborundum Triptych

Ochre, Marine & Blue Carborundum Triptych

By Catherine Williams


Limited edition carborundum prints

Framed and unframed options

Available individually or as a trio

Image size: H: 46cm x W: 9.5cm

Framed size:  H: 64cm x W: 27cm

Framed £145 each

Unframed £95 each


We love the cool colour palette and simple graphic stacking of these images, with their mid-twentieth-century retro appeal.


Carborundum printing is an intaglio process, printed through a printing press. The plates are created by mixing acrylic modelling paste and carborundum grit into a toothpaste like consistency. It is then applied to an aluminium sheet and left to harden (weeks). When the plate is rock hard ink is rubbed into the surface and then polished clean. Ink remains within the textured areas and then paper is placed on top and rolled through the press.


The prints created have a very tactile and heavily embossed quality. 


    Catherine Williams is a professional artist with over 25 years' experience of printmaking and painting and a nationwide reputation.


    Her inspiration comes from seascapes, landscapes or cityscapes and is also influenced by the varied and accomplished printmaking processes and techniques she uses to create her work.


    Initially,  Catherine s work was inspired by the rugged Cornish landscape and seas. The rough granite rocks covered in lichen, the wind swept cliff tops, sandy beaches and transparent sea still play an important part in her work.

    More recently, the English countryside, particularly woodlands, has become a focus: the natural abstract elements of trees and branches and the fading effect of near and far. Also, city and town history and character have fascinated her, allowing her to pick out quirky or interesting aspects of buildings and roof lines.


    She trained at UWE and completed a Fine Art degree in 1997 where she was awarded the Rebecca Smith Prize for Printmaking. She was one of three students invited to take part in the RWA's Autumn exhibition that year and, shortly after, began a Master's degree in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking when she was awarded the Printmaker's Council Award at her degree show. That year she had her first joint exhibition at the Rostra Gallery in Bath and that started her career as an artist.


    Catherine has developed a love for teaching and enjoys sharing her skills and expertise through classes and workshops that she delivers in the Bristol area and beyond. We plan for her to run a 'Tetbury Walk' workshop in summer 2023. We will also be showing some of her Cornish paintings and prints.


    Her work is also used by an art hire company and regularly appears on film and TV sets. 

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