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Painted Sea Stones

Painted Sea Stones

By Azam Tabbaraei


Acrylic on sea stone

Original artworks

Size of works: Diameter 10 - 15cm

£35-45 each, depending on size and pattern complexity and whether sealed with varnish or resin

These stones are tantalising in the symmetry and precision of their intricate designs.


Each one is unique - hand-painted in different colour palettes, designs always revolving around a   central 'sun' and suggesting gorgeous petals or planets orbiting a central axis.


Azam, living and working in Tetbury, calls on her Persian heritage and the Mandala art tradition to create these special objects that are lovely to own and both mesmerising and calming to look at.


Her work is an example of the many different cultures and styles that we welcome into the gallery from regional artists. We have an ever-changing collection of stones for you to view. 


    Azam's beautiful stone painting, in the ancient Mandale style, is an expression of her need to find calm and serenity in her new life.


    Five years ago, after leaving all her educational achievements in her homeland of Iran, she started a new life with her husband in the UK, moving to Swansea and, now, to Tetbury.


    “I was so frustrated, and I felt like the universe was against me. Then I discovered the mediatative therapy of art and, specifically, the geometric design of Mandala art. It's all about finding 'peace in the symmetry of the design and of the Universe'."


    In the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism, 'mandala' means 'circle'. Traditionally, a mandala is a geometric design or pattern that represents the cosmos or heavenly worlds. Its harmonious shapes and symmetry are intended to convey peace and serenity in the viewer and there are five key attributes of a mandala: symmetry, geometry, colour, number and intention.


    “Now, in my spare time, I can form the universe in my desired colours and enjoy my life again. It is absolutely a kind of meditation. All my art – my stone painting and my abstract work, is a reflection of the world to make another world, a desired world of my own.”


    Azam signs her work under the name of Varesh which, in In her mother tongue, means drizzling or light rain.

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