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Polo I, II & III - Triptych

Polo I, II & III - Triptych

By Tammy Walters


Original artworks

Acrylic and pastel on board


Framed size: H: 47cm x W: 47cm

£595 each


Tammy spent four years in Dubai and, during that time, watched many polo matches.


Her bold - almost neon - colour palette adds a contemporary abstract quality to these equine pieces celebrating one of the world's oldest known team sports, often referred to, of course,  as The Sport of Kings.


The expressive lines of her drawing are left on show and work well with the loose, tache-style laying down of flat colours, all suggesting jubilant gusto and rapid movement.


Each image is confidently close-cropped which heightens the impression of fast-moving horses and riders as they play in and out of frame.


These three would work perfectly as a triptych as there is clearly a left-to-right order to the visual narrative, with 'play' - and the viewpoint - facing to the right and left as well as face-on.


    Based in Lancashire, where she paints from her home studio, Tammy works mainly in acrylic and ink and with a bold and illustrative style, sometimes  choosing bright neon colours, and never afraid to enjoy vibrant tints and celebrate movement, emotion and energy.


    Having pursued a corporate career and having lived in Azerbaijan and Dubai, she is now enjoying a deliberate change of pace and succesfully pursuing her art making.


    Her artistic development is strongly influened by her passion for horses and all animals and she takes inspiration from artists including Charles Rennie Mackintosh and contemporary names such as Jo Taylor and Sir Quentin Blake.


    Her first, highy successful solo show was in 2022 and her work has sold internationally to private collectors.


    "My biggest honour to date is a yearly memorial commission at Haydock Park Racecourse where, for the last four years, I have been entrusted to produce a piece of horseracing art to present to the winning owners of the Patrick Coyne memorial Race."

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