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Prismatic Eye - SOLD

Prismatic Eye - SOLD

By Caroline Chappell


Original artwork


Acrylic and mixed media on linen canvas

Size: H: 46cm x W: 120cm



One of our most popular abstract landscape painters, Caroline Chappell has her light-filled studio in the heart of the North Cotswolds, the region that has been her main landscape painting inspiration over the years.


As ever, her work is characterised by a myriad of different gestural brush strokes, or marks made with other implements, and rich colour combinations. There are juxtapositions of light and dark areas and built-up layers and bands. Although thoughtfully composed, the impression is one of spontaneity and an expressive response to the scene.

Caroline has experimented with new canvas shapes - like this wide- angle slice - and a turquoise, teal and deep blue palette in this new summer 2023 series created for us: there are the typical distinctive vertical lines, horizontal slabs of vivid colour and suggestions of mass and form; but there is also some new stacking of vertical planes and blocks of colour.  

Each landscape tells a story and is as much about how the viewer feels about the art as the act of creating the art itself.


The rich and warm tones would be perfect for a statement piece in a drawing room, dining room or snug. This pair of dramatic paintings could hang together and/or alongside the larger, square Refraction or Land Skipping, also on show with us this summer.


    Caroline's work has proven to be extremely popular with abstract and semi-abstract landscape lovers from all over the country.

    As a Cotswold-based artist, she has built a formidable reputation for depicting the ancient landscape of our region, using broad brush strokes and expressive marks of many kinds to suggest the d