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Fisherman's Friends

Fisherman's Friends

By Ros Ingram



Ceramic with found object

Original artworks

Fish range between: H: 7cm - 9cm x W: 15cm - 32cm


They're back again! A third shoal of Ros's 'found object fish' have swum into the gallery for our Christmas show, in response to how popular they were - to the point of sell-out - during the first two exhibitions.


Ros dreams up these fishy characters by combining wonderful vintage found objects (old sweet tins, tap parts, pulleys, vintage bottles and other domestic recycled objects) with brightly-glazed ceramic fish heads and tails. They each have their own hanging line, so they can be suspended in a window, from a beam or in a niche. Distinctive and decorative, they hold a fishy feel-good factor.


We are also showing some of Ros' fantastic spinning fish and birds, combining vintage tools and objects with ingenious animals clay forms and which, at a turn of the handle, spin around on their base. A charming talking point in any home.



    There's an extraordinary energy and playfulness in Ros's imaginative ceramics.


    She creates her intriguing and distinctive birds, fish and aquatic creatures by combining brightly-glazed porcelain with reclaimed domestic or workbench objects, like tins, taps and tools. She also makes charming hand-moulded ceramic woodland creatures, like squirrels, hares and foxes.


    Born in Stratford upon Avon, Ros received a BA Honours degree in ceramics from the University of Wolverhampton in 1999 and has since returned to university to teach the first year of the same course.


    Ros has exhibited throughout Europe, Dubai and California and taught in many schools in the Midlands as a visiting artist in residence, creating permanent ceramic installations and recycled art projects. One of her children’s projects was on display at the National Gallery in 2014.

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