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Big Day Out - SOLD

Big Day Out - SOLD

By Steve Woodcock


Hand-built stoneware with coloured glazes on wooden base

Original artwork

Size of main sculpture: L: 15cm; W: 7cm; H: 8cm


Individually conceived, designed and built – there are no moulds involved – these energetic pieces radiate humour and movement as well as having a nostalgic, vintage appeal.


This car-full of intrepid day trippers is off out for a big day and full of beans, with their pet dog chasing after them.


Like so many of Steve's highly distinctive sculptures, these charming, anthropomorphic canine (and ssorted other) characters are in the midst of their own story, waiting for us to make up the missing elements of their adventure.


    Steve is captivated by ceramic creation. Whether it's thrown vessels or hand-built, sculptured pieces, he never tires of exploring the versatility and diversity of clay. Every piece takes on individual attributes and features. It's an iterative and an organic process - and marvellously addictive.


    Working from his Oxfordshire studio, his sculptures and vessels are all one-of