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Garden Blooms - Tulips & Roses

Garden Blooms - Tulips & Roses

By Trish Claridge


Oil on canvas

Original artworks

Framed - narrow black frames


White Blush - £1350 :

Framed size: H: 106cm x W: 96cm


Evening Light - £1250:

Framed size: H: 96cm x W: 96cm


Shadow Rose - £795:

Framed size: H: 66cm x W: 76cm


Dusky Rose - £775:

Framed size: H: 61cm x W: 71cm


Blown Away - £795:

Framed size: H: 66cm x W: 66cm


Other paintings by Trish, of large blooms with beautiful light, in various colour palettes, soft or bright, are available for viewing.



The play of sunlight and the capturing of petal surfaces is the dual focus of these very clever and eye-catching works, all painted on a grand scale in this series in a soft pink and mauve palette. The over-sized flowers almost literally burst out of their canvas edges.


This is Trish in full artistic flight - confident brush marks, daring composition and adept tonal contrasts to suggest how the sunlight bleaches out the petals and kisses the surface of buds and leaves.


Whether about to flower or in their full, blousy late stages of life, she captures delicate petal colour striations and transparency as well as botanical details.


"The incredible beauty of the bold, yet often delicate, forms found in the garden of my new home have drawn me to paint large floral works using the drama of the play of light and shadows as my inspiration." 


    Trish is a highly experienced, life-long painter and lover of colour and theatricality. Her works are a feat of artistic accomplishment: typically, she combines large scale with tiny detail and delicate coloration.


    She has enjoyed many years of painting fabulous and engaging portraits. However, during lockdown, the incredible beauty of the bold, yet often delicate forms, found in the garden of her new home, drew her to painting large floral works. The drama of the play of light and shadows is her inspiration.

    The results are large-scale, close-ups of flowers heads and foliage – a riot of colour and impact where no detail is missed. As with her large-scale portraits, delicate use of colour, light, texture and scale gives these bold paintings a contemporary appeal. Their composition and size enables these pieces to have huge presence within any context.


    Having worked for years using oil paints and pastels, she has also developed an interest in egg tempera. This is a medium made by mixing pure pigments with egg yolk as a binder and diluting with purified water which can then be applied to a board, sized and prepared with gesso.

    This complex and time-consuming technique allows for great precision, using small strokes of colour which are built up in layers forming to form the final image. It allows for delicacy of touch and a surface of woven colours. We are showing some of her very distinctive and unusual still life egg tempera works which have a cinematic, unworldy aura about them.

    Trish is a member of the Society of Women Artists and has exhibited with the SWA, The Pastel Society, and The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. She has a Fine Art degree from Cheltenham College of Art and Design and a post-graduate degree in Theatre Design from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

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