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Abundance - Apples, Abundance - Cherries

Abundance - Apples, Abundance - Cherries

By Vivienne Beaumont


Machine embroidery on cotton

Original artworks 


Image size: H: 40cm x W: 40cm approx

Framed size: H: 48cm x W: 48cm approx

£595 each

Available as a pair or individually


This pair of images takes the symbolism of ripe fruit and the blossoming youth of a young woman and combines them into a girl climbing a ladder (unseen) and her face appearing through the tree canopy of leaves and ripe cherries or apples.


The heroine ponders the fruit she's about to pick that has become luscious and vibrant against the plain and leaved backdrop.


Viv weaves her own story into each picture she produces, relying on a rich web of iconography and symbolism and drawing heavily on folk tales and legend.