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Two Painters - SOLD

Two Painters - SOLD

By Chloe Cumming


Graphite and coloured pencil on watercolour paper

Original artwork


Image size: H: 19cm x W: 14cm

Framed size:  H:40cm x W:34cm



This extraordinary and intimate dual portrait of Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin is one of a 2022 series of painted and drawn works by Norfolk-based Chloe Cumming. Both van Gogh and Gauguin experimented with the expressive possibilities of colour and line to create distinctive, personal styles of painting. Chloe, in her own style, does the same thing.


Working in France at the end of the nineteenth century, the artists' infamous and turbulent friendship inspired each other during a nine-week period in the autumn of 1888. Chloe's drawing conveys the turbulence, anxiety and endurance of that period of proximity, just ahead of van Gogh cutting off his ear lobe.


Chloe created the first of this series of haunting portraits to mark the 2022 Van Gogh show at The Courtauld, London. The show took, as its springboard, van Gogh’s iconic 'Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear', one of the most celebrated works in The Courtauld’s collection, and brought together,