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Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

By Grenville Moore


Original artwork

Acrylic on gesso panel


Image size: H: 40cm x W: 40cm

Framed size: H: 45cm x W: 45cm


How's this for stunning wildlife art? Painted this spring by an artist who loves animals and, especially, loves to create portraits of wild animals.


This is a female clouded leopard, a wild cat inhabiting dense forest from the foothills of the Himalayas, through North-East India and into South China. She's a clever creature - she uses her tail for balancing when moving in trees and is able to climb down vertical tree trunks head first.


Sadly, the wild population is believed to be in decline: the species has been listed as Vulnerable since 2008.


Grenville perfectly captures the different fur textures of her face, ears and shoulders and the wonderful expressiveness of her gentle and inquisitive regard. 


    Grenville is an accomplished and distinctive painter working from his idyllic garden studio in a small village on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire border.


    After many years when illustration, design and cartoon strips were his hobby, he became a specialist decorator and muralist and completed assignments and commissions in homes throughout the Cotswolds and London. He also wrote and illustrated articles for two national publications. Among his projects were a large painted vase for the Ralph Lauren store in Barcelona and various items of painted furniture.


    These decorative and interior design skills remain with him - and very much on show - in his paintings of wild animals, many of which are enhanced and embellished with backgrounds of rich tapestry motifs, Arcadian glades and medieval-style foliage. His love of heraldry also shines through in clever motifs and touches of symbolism.


    A trip to Kenya first sparked his enchantment with wild animals and birds and inspired his current, very popular work which specialises in dramatic animals portraits, often large scale and close-up. Detail and accuracy are key. He is passionate about telling the story of each creature, accentuating the unusual and celebrating the wildness, dignity and soul of each animal. The rich narrative of the painting is often further enhanced by its elaborate or traditional framing, matching perfectly with the inventive, decorative backdrops.


    Grenville's work is in private collections in America, Russia and throughout the UK.

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