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Horse Head Study - SOLD

Horse Head Study - SOLD

By H Masacz


Original artwork

Charcoal drawing on paper

Image size: H: 50cm x W: 38cm 

Framed size: H:  80cm x W: 58cm


This phenomenally clever horse study has the illusory quality of a photograph at first glance - such is the detail and lighting of the animal.


There's a sense of movement in the flowing mane, the turn of the neck, the flared nostrils and the blurred background - as if the young horse has just come to a standstill after rapid movement.


The artist has captured both the free spirit of the animal and suggested its role as a gentle companion. This is an artwork to be treasured and adored by any horse or animal lover. 


    Helen moved to the South Cotswolds region from North London where she had built a reputation and following as an accomplished professional artist. Her subject matter is varied - from portraiture and animals to landscapes and still life, paintings or drawings.


    Painting from life whenever she can, much of her work is a reflection of how she views the world and her childhood experiences which help inform the stories told in her paintings.


    “My work draws on the paradox between the familiar and the subtle narrative underlying contemporary culture. I consider the relationship with art as a constant ‘work in progress’, evolving and changing with the creative current.


    “I use oil paint or charcoal; both are great mediums, you can manipulate them with ease.”


    She graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art and then a PGCE. Briefly, she taught in secondary schools but her desire to paint won the career choice battle and she became a full-time artist. She has exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery four times and won the Art's Club Award at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Her works are held in private and public collections such as Mansfield College, Oxford University.

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