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Walking with her dog in local woodlands and tree-covered beauty spots has become a never-ending source of inspiration for this talented reduction lino printer.


Dappled sunlight on branches and grassy banks, carpets of bluebells and wild flowers, watery glades or lakes and inviting shady copses – Alexandra's unusual, painterly style captures the detail and the atmosphere of these simple and unspoilt open spaces.

She's a prime example of one of our our artists who has really perfected her technique: in her hands, and with her eye for colour and composition, a logical and highly accurate process is transformed into fluid and beautiful image-making magic. 

Her accomplished printing technique is reminiscent of Neo-Impressionist artists, such as Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, who applied rules of contemporary colour theory, using contrasting dots of colour, side by side, so that, when seen from a distance, the dots blend and are perceived by the retina as a luminous whole. Just so with these prints.

Working from her on-the-spot photographs, drawings and paintings, she builds up her block print in layers and introduces gorgeous and unusual colour combinations, always mixed by her from the same basic primary palette, lending her finished works a distinctive colour cohesion.

In 2022 she has been experimenting with painting directly onto the lino sheet and then cutting away the layers directly from her painted guide. Her very limited edition works typically number under 20 impressions.

We also show and sell Alexandra's flower and forest fauna prints as well as her greetings cards, individually and in packs.

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