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Combining her two favourite occupations, walking and embroidery, has resulted in the exquisite, tactile embroidered mixed-media pieces that Marian conjures up. All her work is directly inspired by nature – she takes her camera out onto the Lancashire moors and the sea shores and then recreates the organic forms that she finds. 


Marian's world is one of texture rather than colour. Whether it's a seed head or a fungus, a crustacean, a frond of foliage or a rocky outcrop, she delights in constructing multiple layers, from the finest detail to the overall impression when viewed from a distance.


Dyeing and painting a wide range of papers, fabrics and threads, she melds together the textiles with a range of found and recycled materials, using hand and free machine embroidery. Then, by contrast, she wields the soldering iron, the naked flame and the heat gun to burn away the layers and reveal the hidden stitching beneath. This technique allows her to build up the textural surface she loves. Each artwork evolves rather than following a predetermined plan.


“I never go anywhere without my camera and readily snap away when I see something that 

interests me, from the far stretching view to the smallest area of texture seen upon a tree or

rock. My latest work has become more abstract in nature and is inspired by the various surface

textures observed whilst walking, both here and abroad.”

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